The Workers United to #OccupyWallStreet
Rally for Locked Out Sotheby’s Workers w #OccupyWallStreet

Monday October 3rd @ 5:30pm
820 5th Avenue (btwn 63rd and 64th)

In a union? Please wear t-shirt or something to identify your local!

Teamsters Local 814 is now planning a major rally and everyone is invited to join in! Meet them in front of the home of Sotheby’s biggest clients as well as some of their execs and board members (YES, many of them live in the same 5th avenue townhouse..WHAT A SHOCK!).

Please spread the word and join us as we assemble at the doorstep of New York’s wealthy, and demand justice for the workers at Sotheby’s, the luxury art auction house.  This is the perfect time to show working people standing united and demanding a fair share of the wealth they create.

(If you can’t come in person please sign their online petition)

The last time #OccupyWallStreet joined in a rally for Sotheby’s workers it was a great time. Read the General Assembly’s statement of support.

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